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Concert Flutes

Concert Flutes

The flute is a member of the woodwind group. In order to produce sound in this instrument, the player blows across the tone hole of the mouthpiece, causing the air within the body of the instrument to vibrate producing a unique sound. The whole process may sound challenging but gets easier and more satisfying with practice. It is a popular instrument used in different musical genres and works well both in instrumental groups and as a solo instrument. Flutes can be found in different sizes and shapes (tubular, globular). Most flutes are made of metal but some modern instruments are made from wood that produces a different sound from the metal ones.

The flute is small, so it is very easy to carry around. It is played parallel to the ground and placed on the right side of the musician. There are different types of flutes but the most popular is the soprano (or the beginning flute). Also, there are ‘open hole’ flutes which are not suitable for beginners and are very expensive.

Flutes have existed since prehistoric times and they are known as the oldest musical instrument in human history. The flute can be used to perform nearly any style of music. The genres in which the flute is more commonly played are: jazz, pop music, eastern music and classical music. One of Mozart’s most famous operas was called ‘The Magic Flute’, in which the instrument has an important role.

Among well known musicians, Julius Baker is regarded by many as the greatest flautist of all time and praised for his relaxed sound. William Bennett, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Marcel Moyse and James Galway have played an important role in the history of flute.

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